The Graduate Institute of Musicology currently offers a Masters in Musicology degree, and is in the process of establishing a doctoral degree program. International students interested in applying to the institute should visit the website of National Taiwan University's Office of International Affairs for application information and procedures and financial aid opportunities.


To receive the Masters degree, students take courses totaling twenty-five credits and write a thesis.

Course requirements:

Proseminar: Theory and Methodology of Musicology (two semesters, six credits)
Colloquium Series (guest lectures; three semesters, three credits)
Core Cultural Courses (content-based courses; minimum of four credits)
Elective Graduate Seminars (covering the remainder of the twenty-five credits)

In addition, students without an extensive music-theoretical background are required to take a prerequisite course in Western music theory (three credits, but not counting towards the twenty-five needed to receive the degree), and all students must fulfill the foreign languages requirement by demonstrating proficiency in two languages (English plus a second language related to the student's research).

During the second semester of study, students begin meeting with prospective thesis advisers. The adviser, after he or she is chosen, assists the student in preparing a thesis proposal which is presented in an oral exam. If this exam is passed successfully, the student then writes the thesis under the guidance of the adviser, and upon completion of the thesis presents a final oral exam. Successfully passing this second exam qualifies the student to receive the Masters degree.

Financial Information

The estimated total cost of study for the 2012-2013 academic year, including tuition, books, and living expenses, is 270,000 to 350,000 New Taiwanese dollars (or approximately US$9,000-11,700); tuition per semester is NT$51,280 (US$1,700). A full schedule of fees is available here. For information on scholarships for international students, please visit here. A limited number of paid research and administrative assistantships are offered by the Graduate Institute of Musicology and through funded research projects of the institute's full-time faculty members, and may be applied for following enrollment in the institute's program.



Graduate Seminars



Analysis of Historical Recordings of Taiwan Music Ying-fen WANG
Anthropology of Sound and Music: Current Theories and Issues Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Experiences and Representations of Love Chen-gia TSAI
Guqin Music: Appreciation and Practice Kung-yuan LEE
Historical Recordings and Taiwan Music Ying-fen WANG
Humans and Their Environment: the Mutual Illumination of Musicology and Semiotics Chien-chang YANG
Introduction to Biomusicology Chen-gia TSAI
Introduction to the History of Japanese and Korean Pop Songs Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Introduction to Western Music Theory various instructors
Issues in Musical Modernity: Music, Technology, and Form Chien-chang YANG
Japanese and Korean Musical Cultures from Their Perspectives Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Listening and Music Aesthetics Yuh-wen WANG
Listening-oriented Music Analysis and Analytical Techniques Yuh-wen WANG
Media, Machine, Music Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Mind-Body States and Music Yuh-wen WANG
Modernity, Colonialism and Music in East Asia Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Modernity, Colonialism and Music in Early-20th-century Japan and Korea Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Mozart and the Enlightenment Jen-yen CHEN
Music Acoustics Chen-gia TSAI
Music and Romanticism Jen-yen CHEN
Music and Schema Theory Chen-gia TSAI
Music, Body, Mind and Spirituality Yuh-wen WANG
Musical Aesthetics Through Cinema Giorgio Biancorosso
Musical Culture in Modern China Tung SHEN
Musical Cultures of Asia Ying-fen WANG
Musical Representations of East Asia in 18th-Century Europe Jen-yen CHEN
Nanguan Music: Appreciation and Practice Xin-xin WANG
New Music in the Twentieth Century Chien-chang YANG
Practicum: Music and Space Chien-chang YANG, Yannick DAUBY
Pro-seminar on Musicology various instructors
Reading Course in German Jen-yen CHEN
Reading Japanese Music-related Materials Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Readings in European Music Aesthetics Chien-chang YANG
Readings in Music Aesthetics: Adorno on Composers Chien-chang YANG
Readings in Technique, Material, and Form in Music Chien-chang YANG
Selected Readings in Ethnography: Mobility and Music Hsin-chun LU
Seminar on Music and Science Chen-gia TSAI
Seminar on Postmodern Perspectives of Music Yuh-wen WANG
Seminar on Taiwan Music History Ying-fen WANG
Sociology of Music Jen-yen CHEN
Soundscape/Sound Art: Concepts and Practices Yannick DAUBY
Soundscapes: Music Cultures of the World and of Taipei Jen-yen CHEN
Studying Popular Music Szu-wei CHEN
Western Music in the World Context Jen-yen CHEN
Taiwanese Music and Colonial Modernity Ying-fen WANG
Xiqu Appreciation Chen-gia TSAI


General Education Courses for Undergraduates



Expressions of Love in Music Chen-gia TSAI
Global Musical Culture Szu-wei CHEN
Guqin Music: Appreciation and Practice Kung-yuan LEE
History of Chinese Music Tung SHEN
Introduction to the History of European Music Chien-chang YANG
Introduction to the History of Japanese and Korean Popular Music and Culture Fumitaka YAMAUCHI
Introduction to the Music of Taiwan Ying-fen WANG, Szu-wei CHEN
Love and Death in European Music Lap-kwan KAM
Mahler and Viennese Modernism Lap-kwan KAM
Mozart Jen-yen CHEN
Music Appreciation and Mind, Body and Spiritual Experiences Yuh-wen WANG
Music, Evolution and the Brain Chen-gia TSAI
Music of Local Xiqu Chen-gia TSAI
Musical Acoustics and the Shaping of Culture Chen-gia TSAI
Performances and Exhibitions of Diseases and Disasters Chen-gia TSAI





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