The Graduate Institute of Musicology at National Taiwan University offers a diverse, liberal learning environment and a wealth of academic resources at a comprehensive research university. We cultivate an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of music which values the rich interconnectedness of cultures and aims to promote interactions among the subdisciplines of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and systematic musicology as well as with other scholarly fields such as literature, sociology, and psychology. A primary research and teaching emphasis is the musical traditions of Asia, but from a broadly internationalized perspective that recognizes Asia's contribution to a global dialogue and welcomes scholarship in all musics of the world. Our students enjoy abundant support for their academic development and have received funding for independent research projects conducted both at home and abroad, served as research assistants to the institute's faculty members, presented papers at international conferences, and participated in international exchange programs.

Research Directions

Though a hallmark of the research of the Graduate Institute of Musicology's faculty members is its diversity, three themes have stood out as common threads in this research as a whole:
Music and modernity
Music and the body
Sound and soundscape studies


International Academic and Research Partners

Department of Music, Chinese University of Hong Kong
National Institute for the Humanities, Japan
International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto
National Gugak Center, Korea
National University of Singapore
University of Michigan, USA
MacMaster University, Canada
University of Southampton, England
Martin-Luther Universität, Germany


Student Achievement

Graduates of the institute have gone on the pursue further studies, often supported by full scholarships, at international institutions including Stanford University, University of California Los Angeles, and Peking University.
Students have presented papers at international conferences in Hong Kong, China, Korea, the United States, Canada, England, Belgium, and Germany.


Our institute's facilities include two soundproofed classrooms, seven faculty offices, an administrative office, a student study room, a student lounge (with several computers), and a room reserved for use by special research projects. Both classrooms are equipped with a full set of multimedia equipment and a piano; one of them serves additionally as the musical instruments room, with a collection of Chinese instruments including guqin, guzheng, pipa, erhu, several sets of nanguan instruments, Korean janggu and buk drums, and Indian tabla. The institute's library is housed in the student study room and includes a diverse collection of books, videocassettes, CDs, and cassettes tapes; most of National Taiwan University's music materials are located in the main library and comprise a total of 38,000 printed works (28,000 in Chinese, 10,000 in other languages), 4,000 scores, and 33,000 audio or video recordings. Since 2009, the Graduate Institute of Musicology has been awarded three large grants by Taiwan's National Science Council for the purchase of library materials, on the topics of Asian music (US$300,000), European music before 1700 (US$250,000), and popular music (US$185,000). 




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